Beda’a Watch Story

In the world of timekeeping, moments matter, precision is paramount, and the search for perfection is never ending. This all resonates with a brand rooted in its love and devotion to the exquisite, a brand named Beda’a, where the art of watchmaking transcends all else.

The journey of Beda’a is steeped in passion and innovation. It all began under the umbrella of the mother company: Albidaa, where the idea of crafting a watch that both embodies our heritage, as well as welcomes our future took root back in 2016.

Albidaa’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction paved the way for the birth of Albidaa Watches even bigger ambition.  These timepieces adorned wrists all around the region and quickly became a symbol of the brand’s refined identity. Our friends and customers, captivated by the allure of Albidaa watches, began expressing their desire for more. Which, combined with our vision to grow and take on new challenges, prompted the thought of a new brand

And so, the evolution occurred. What started as a vision within Albidaa blossomed into an independent entity—Beda’a. A brand that stands tall, embracing its roots while reaching new horizons internationally. Beda’a today stands as a testament to a journey fuelled by a relentless pursuit of incredible timepiece. Every beat in the movement echoes our commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and a timeless elegance that defines our brand.

Join us in celebrating the art of horology. Beda’a Watches—where every second is a masterpiece, and every moment tells a story.